Arri Amira

Arri Amira Cameraman Dop and cinematographer

ARRI Amira

I can provide myself and a brilliant ARRI Amira package with shooting kits to suit all budgets.

Boasting the same beautiful digital sensor as the Arri Alexa Mini, the Arri Amira can shoot up to 200fps in 2k  and 60p in 4k  all in a rugged shoulder mount body, suitable for pretty much all shoots, including gimbal work when paired with the Ronin 2.

Along with the Amira I can also provide a great selection of lenses, including but not limited to, Cooke S4/i’s, Zeiss Master and Ultraprimes, as well as vintage lenses such as canon K35’s, Zeiss Superspeeds and Super Baltars. The Amira is available in both PL and canon EF mount for great flexibility in lens choice.

As an example, a basic Amira kit includes:

1x Arri Amira Premium EF or PL Mount 4K
1x Zeiss Milvus Cinemod Prime Set f.1.4 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm
6x Hawk-Woods Reel Power 26v Vlocks
6x 120GB Sandisk CFast 2.0 Cards with USB 3.0 reader
1x O’Connor 1030D Tripod
1x Wooden Camera Mattebox
1x Tilta Follow Focus
1x SmallHD 702 Touch
1x Tilta Hand grips

Extras such as wireless follow focus, extra monitors and grip equipment can all be added. See my full kit list here for more.

Contact me for more details or to just discuss you production.

Wet hire only. I only hire kit as part of package with myself as DOP or Operator.

Arri Amira director of photography based in London, great rates.