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04 Jun 2020
Arri Look

Creating a Unique Look

On-Set to Post My Idea As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe the creative industry grinds to a halt, all productions I was due to shoot are either cancelled or postponed. Like many others I wanted to use this time constructively, along with filming chocolate bunnies for Easter, I wanted to start working on something I had wanted to do for a while now, create a look I could monitor on set and also apply to footage in post that […]

30 Nov 2019
Food Product Filming

Food & Drink Filming

More recently I have been working on more food and drink based shoots. Using a combination of slow-motion and macro filming techniques. I have been using my Arri Amira shooting at between 50 and 200fps depending on the shoot. Where a lot of motion is being captured such as pouring liquids and falling sweets I shot at 200fps to slow the action to a more interesting and pleasing speed. With other shots with little movement I shot at 50fps to […]