Arriflex SR2 Kit DOP london

Arriflex SR2 Film Package

I own the Arriflex SR2 High Speed Super 16mm film camera. For productions looking to shoot on actual film this is a great camera and was an industry workhorse for many years, including the camera I learnt to shoot film with 12 years ago. With the process paid film package available on stock from Frame24 it is now affordable to shoot on film. Great for arty music videos that are looking for that authentic film grain look. This kit is only available with myself as DoP or Operator.

My standard s16mm kit includes:

1x Arriflex SR2 HS
1x Zeiss 12-120mm T2.4 lens
3x 400ft Film Mag
2x Onboard Batteries
1x Block Battery
1x Video Tap System
1x TVLogic 5.6″ Monitor
1x Tilta Mattebox
1x Tilta Follow Focus
1x Titla Hand Grips
1x Vinten Tripod

Extras include Zeiss Super 16 Prime Lens Set

Stock is purchased through Frame24 (400ft is around £195+VAT and gives 10 minutes of footage) and developed at Kodak’s film lab at Pinewood Studios. The price of the stock includes transfer of footage, scanned to HD ProRes 422HQ, to harddrive. The whole process usually takes less than a week. Not including Delivery times. I’m happy to discuss using film on your production, so any questions please ask.

s16mm film cinematographer dop with s16mm film kit