Josh White – Director of Photography – Cinematographer

30 Nov 2019
Food Product Filming

Food & Drink Filming

Food & Drink Filming More recently I have been working on more food and drink based shoots. Using a combination of slow-motion and macro filming techniques. I have been using my Arri Amira shooting at between 50 and 200fps depending on the shoot. Where a lot of motion is being captured such as pouring liquids and falling sweets I shot at 200fps to slow the action to a more interesting and pleasing speed. With other shots with little movement I […]

03 Oct 2018
super baltar test

Bausch and Lomb Super Baltars Lens Test

Bausch and Lomb Super Baltars Lens Test Shot on the ARRI Alexa Mini 3.2K Prores 4444 Log-C Camera and Lenses from http://onestopfilms.co.uk Shot by Myself.   The first post of my blog is this quick video I did to test out the Bausch and Lomb Super Baltar lenses and their characteristics and quirkiness. I really like to complement the Alexa sensor with some vintage glass. Although the Alexa sensor is very natural looking I think when coupled with the characteristics […]