Below is a selection of the kit I can easily provide, contact me for my rates with or without kit.

Wet hire only. I only hire kit as part of package with myself as DOP or Operator.

Arri Alexa Mini Shooting Kit
Arri Amira Premium Shooting Kit
RED EPIC, Dragon, Weapon Shooting Kit
Sony FS7 or C300 Shooting Kit
RED Scarlet X Shooting Kit
ARRIFLEX SR2 HS s16mm Shooting Kit (s16mm Film package for that authentic film look)

Cooke S6/i Anamorphic Set
Cooke S4/i Lens Set
Cooke S4/i Mini Lens Set
Cooke Speed Panchro Set
Sigma FF Prime Set
Zeiss CP.2 Lens Set
Zeiss Ultra Primes Set
Zeiss Master Primes Set
Canon K35 Lens Set
Kowa Anamorphics
Samyang Cine Lens Set

LED, Tungsten and HMI Lighting Package Available or a gaffer with a van full.

Arri Alexa XT and RED EPIC DRAGON Shooting Kits and other equipment also available

 Additional information

  • ¬£5m Public Liability Insurance
  • All Equipment Fully Insured
  • Full Clean UK Driving License
  • 7 Seat Kit and Crew Vehicle
  • Can provide full crew of Focus Puller, 2nd AC, Gaffer, sparks and Grip

Contact me for a quote for your production.

steadicam operator london





Steadicam operator with kit provided in partnership with FlySteadi

Cinematographer arri amira